Prime Pork

Prime Pork : An idea about Collective buying

I have worked in Meat Industry for over 2 years where I came across the best of restaurants and brands. We were supplying high quality meat from govt approved modern slaughter house (not mandi) to reputed restaurants, hospitals and major meat brands. I have learnt a lot about the quality of meat and the source.

Unfortunately in India there are not many players who are concerned about hygiene of the product right from source to end product. Specially Pork products are a challenge.

My kids love bacon, ham but they are very expensive in retail to order often.

How it works ?

Using my contacts with reputed meat companies, I am starting sale of good quality meat products specially pork products like bacon, ham, pepperoni for friends and family.

The idea is together we can buy and get a volume discount. You and your friends can check the prices and place your order by Wednesday of the week and we can get it by Friday.

The delivery is a challenge specially due to covid but depending on location we can work out something. Thus starting for Friends and Family.